Engineering Examinations of LOLER and PUWER lifting machinery and accessories is a fact of life, and are the result of Statutory Instruments of Parliament. Instead of accepting this as a costly 6 and 12 monthly ordeal, why not avail yourself of a helpful and co-operative service intended to help your business? This is the 1st of 3 blogs explaining how Earle Inspection can offer you a better service.


(1a) Does your annual Inspection service have to be packaged in with your annual Insurance?

(1b) Does your Inspection Service have to be carried out by one of the large Inspection Bodies?

(1c) Ideally, how would You as a Small or Medium Enterprise like to operate your Business?

(1d) Are there ways by which Inspection can help you to maximise your Operational Efficiency?


(1a) Your annual Inspection service does not have to be packaged in with your annual Insurance, but it can be so packaged if the inspection fees are reasonably priced. Large Inspection Bodies tend to over-charge for the services they provide. You have an entirely free choice of who your Inspector will be. There are now a growing number of small independent Inspection companies, who have freelance Inspectors. These Inspectors have amassed a wealth of experience previously gained by working for large Inspection Bodies.

(1b) Your inspection Service does not have to be carried out by one of the large Inspection Bodies. To draw an analogy with (say) restaurants, would you like to be favourably impressed with the dining experience offered by a charming little independent restaurant nestling down a quaint side street, or would you be more inclined to choose a Beefeater?

(1c) As a Small or Medium Enterprise, you will probably be in competition with other SME’s who are offering similar services in the market place. Naturally, you will want to maximise your operational efficiency to retain or even increase your share of the market.

(1d) There ARE ways by which Inspection can help you to maximise your operational efficiency. These include:-

Timing of Inspections so as to minimise disruption to the pattern of your working day,
Condition Monitoring of load bearing wear components of lifting machines to enable you to track their state of wear and predict when renewal or repair of these components will be necessary,
Electronic transfer of completed reports in order to meet urgent Customer deadlines,
Advance notification via email of due dates for subsequent examinations, which can be liaised for your best convenience.
These service enhancements can sometimes be lacking from large Inspection Bodies.

Keith Hartley.
Earle Inspection Ltd.