Engineering Examinations of LOLER and PUWER lifting machinery and accessories is a fact of life, and are the result of Statutory Instruments of Parliament. Instead of accepting this as a costly 6 and 12 monthly ordeal, why not avail yourself of a helpful and co-operative service intended to help your business? This is the 3rd of 3 blogs explaining how Earle Inspection can offer you a better service.


(3a) Have you previously thought that reliance on small Inspection Companies carries risk? (3b) Are you aware of the benefits of entrusting Inspections to a small Inspection Company? (3c) Would you like to keep your lifting machinery in good order at minimum cost / disruption? (3d) Are you aware of the potential penalties resulting from accidents and how to minimise risk?


(3a) Small Independent Inspection Companies have existed for some time, but only in modest numbers. One contributory factor for their recent growth has been the development of laptops, printers, etc. which has enabled these (and other businesses) to be run from home. Nowadays, it is quite possible for any home-based business to set up and develop their own micro-database, and there are several ways to “back up” electronic records. Also, Insurance Cover can be purchased for Professional Indemnity and General Liability (Public & Products). With these and other benefits, reliance on small Inspection Companies carries no more risk than for large Inspection Bodies.

(3b) The benefits of entrusting your Inspections to a small Inspection Company are:-
An enhanced level of service as detailed in Email 1, Part 1d, although not all small Independents offer Condition Monitoring as part of their package.
A better level of service than is offered by some of the large Inspection Bodies, as detailed in Email 2, Parts 2b, 2c, and 2d. Are large Inspection Bodies to become future Dinosaurs? – only time will tell.

(3c) Small Inspection Companies are more customer focused than large Inspection Bodies, and can be relied on to do their utmost in helping to keep your lifting machinery and accessories in good order at minimum cost and disruption. The intention is that You the Customer will be best placed to pass this benefit on to your own Customers and to retain and even increase your market share. Many small Inspection Companies are keen to offer this.

(3d) You are welcome to visit the website, to view the range of services offered by this company. You will also find a feature article named “A guide to LOLER, PUWER, and the Real Cost of an Accident”, providing guidance on how to minimise risk. This and other benefits already outlined in this series of 3 blogs can help You the Customer to save money and run your lifting equipment and accessories in a more cost-effective and predictable way.

Keith Hartley
Earle Inspection Ltd.