Engineering Examinations of LOLER and PUWER lifting machinery and accessories is a fact of life, and are the result of Statutory Instruments of Parliament. Instead of accepting this as a costly 6 and 12 monthly ordeal, why not avail yourself of a helpful and co-operative service intended to help your business? This is the 2nd of 3 blogs explaining how Earle Inspection can offer you a better service.


(2a) Have you previously thought that the best deals come from the large Inspection Bodies? (2b) Are you aware of the shortcomings in the service provided by the large Inspection Bodies? (2c) Are (a) and (b) above helping you to maximise your service levels to your own Customers? (2d) In an over-regulated business world, what are the most helpful aspects on which to focus?


(2a) Until recently, it would have been quite understandable for the answer to have been “Yes”. More recently, changes have taken place which can be best illustrated by looking at supermarkets. Formerly, the market was dominated by the “Big Four” – namely Tesco, Sainsbury, Morrison, and Asda. If you now look at who is offering the best deals in supermarket shopping, then Aldi and Lidl are becoming more popular.

(2b) Large Inspection Bodies may promise the earth, but what they actually deliver can sometimes fall rather short of that promise. For instance:-
They are very profit driven, and they tend to over-commit themselves with workload.
They tend to employ under-experienced and inadequately trained Inspectors,
They tend to employ a large raft of costly Managers and Administrators whose job it is to move work –load around and to allocate it to already over-burdened Inspectors in perhaps an exploitative way.

(2c) For those Small and Medium Enterprises who have had first-hand experience of the Inspectors described in (2b) above, these Inspectors may have been perceived as:-
Over-pressurised, short of time, and (unfortunately but inevitably) lacking in Customer Focus,
Under-experienced, and with a tendency to condemn much of your lifting machinery and accessories quite un-necessarily through lack of experience and a desire to “play it safe”,
Having a tendency to play the “Not Available” Joker Card on as much of your equipment as possible, for the flimsiest and most insubstantial of reasons.

This kind of service level will never help you to maximise your service levels to your own Customers (quite the reverse, in fact).
(2d) In the United Kingdom today, there exists a large amount of Legislative Documentation and Codes of Practice from the Health and Safety Executive, SAFed etc.. An experienced Independent Inspector has working knowledge of this. He is able to filter out the information relevant to Your own Business, and could offer guidance on being compliant in the most cost effective way. This customer-focused approach is sometimes lacking from large Inspection Bodies.

Keith Hartley.
Earle Inspection Ltd.